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This Blog provides users with an opportunity to share experiences views, and analysis. All views posted on the Blog are individual and not the views of St Antony's College, the European Studies Centre, or SEESOX. We ask for certain information about you when you register for the forum, including your full name and contact details. This information is for internal use only.

Please note that when individuals post entries about seminars, they are reporting on what was discussed, rather than giving their own views.

Please keep your posts fairly short - less than 100 words. This will help ensure a lively and interactive blog.

Remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. You may disagree with something someone has posted, but that does not make them wrong. If you consider a post to be offensive,it is typically better to report the post to the Blog moderator instead of posting a reply.

The Blog is public and everything that is posted can be found on search engines. People are not necessarily who they say they are on the forum. Keep yourself safe by sticking to the following rules:

- Don't post your contact details
- Don't share your password

If, despite such precautions, you receive private messages from anyone trying to sell you something or recruit you for a study or media campaign, or which are otherwise inappropriate, please contact the moderator.

Our moderator checks the forum regularly to seek to ensure that we are keeping to these guidelines. Where we can, we will try to moderate in a way that doesn't interrupt the flow of conversation.

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